Accessing Existing Volunteer Opportunities

Use the Volunteer Opportunities Menu item to see a list of all your existing volunteer opportunities.  There are a number of features that enable you to quickly find the opportunity you are looking for so you can go the opportunity detail page and manage the opportunity:

Default view of Volunteer Opportunities

When you click on the Volunteer Opportunities menu item on the left, you'll be taken to the volunteer opportunities 'search page".   You'll see a filtered view of all the opportunities that are associated with your organization (or for Volunteer Leaders, those that you have served as leader for).

The default view here shows all opportunities that have a posting status of "This is approved and published for volunteers to sign-up".  These are the opportunities that are currently visible on the public web site.

Here are the elements of the Volunteer Opportunities page:

1. Search by Keyword - start typing the name of any opportunity and the list will quickly filter to reveal matching opportunities.  This is the fastest way to find a specific opportunity.

2. Create Volunteer Opportunity - used to create new volunteer opportunities. See this article.

3. Filters:   You can filter the list to see opportunities based on their Posting Status, Schedule Type, and/or Registration Type. So for example, if you wanted to see all your Date & Time Specific / Express Interest Opportunities  (whether they were or weren't currently published), you could do so.  To see ALL your opportunities in alphabetical order, just remove ALL the filters.

By default, the posting status will be filtered so you are seeing your approved and published volunteer opportunities, as these are the ones you are most likely to want to get to!

4. Column headers - Clicking on a column header will sort the filtered opportunities alphabetically by that column. Clicking again will reverse the sort order.

5. Shows the number of opportunities and how many you are viewing. Only 10 records show up on a page, but you can use the numbered pages or "previous" and "next" link to see the next or previous 10.   Or use filters or search to narrow the list.

6.   Click on the hyperlink of the opportunity name to go to the opportunity detail page where you can edit the opportunity, and view, edit or add more occurrences and connections.

Clicking on "View" will take you to the Volunteer Opportunity Detail Page for that opportunity.