What is the Partner Sharing Portal?

HandsOn Connect is made up of two different user experiences each with its own interface:

Public Site:   The public website (Volunteer site) is available to anyone arriving at your host organization's site.  On the public site volunteers may register (create an account), search for volunteer opportunities, and sign up or express interest in those opportunities. This is also where you can update your personal information, create teams, and see a variety of information published by the site owner.

Sharing Portal:  The sharing portal is a special portion of the public site, which the site administrator grants access to.  If you are granted a 'partner staff' profile, you'll be taken immediately to the sharing portal when you log in on the public site.

In the Sharing portal, you'll have the ability to create volunteer opportunities, and manage the volunteers who sign up or express interest in those opportunities. Sharing Portal users are able to navigate back to the public site and use its features as well.

Are all partner portals the same?

No.  Your host organization's system administrator will customize the sharing portal and determine what features you do or don't have access to.  In this manual we'll discuss many of the default settings, but your actual portal design may vary. You may have access to fewer or more features.  For anything not covered in this manual, please contact your host organization's system administrator.

Partner Staff Profile

Generally, in the sharing portal, partner staff are able to do the following:

  • Create Volunteer Opportunities managed by their organization and submit them for approval
  • Manage existing volunteer opportunities, and view / edit the details, occurrence dates, approve or reschedule volunteers, etc.
  • Report Attendance and Hours
  • Update information about their organization
  • View contact records of volunteers who have volunteered with their organization
  • Return to the Volunteer Portal to update and manage their personal information as well as use other volunteer functionality.