Running Reports in the Sharing Portal

The Reporting Tab may or may not be visible in your version of the sharing portal.  It is up to the system administrator of your organization to request that the reporting functionality be enabled.

The system administrator will determine which reports are available to partners within the sharing portal, and what format they are presented in (Tabular or Summary).

Select A Report Folder

If Reporting is enabled in your sharing portal, a "Reports" menu item will appear on the left navigation.  Clicking on Reports will show the report folder(s) that are accessible to you.

Click on the Folder Name to see the reports available in the folder.  In the screenshot below, the reports are in the folder "HOC Sharing Portal Reports".

Report List View

The list view shows you the name and description of the reports in the folder (as made available and defined by your system administrator)

Click on the name of the report to access the report:

If there are a large number of reports you can filter the report list by typing a report name in the search box

Reports can take a minute or two to generate when they are first run.  A report is generated and stored for a rolling 24-hour period to make it faster to return to a recently run report.

If you have recently updated data and wish to get a fresh version of the report, you can click on the link in the report results page and generate a fresh run of the report.

Reports can be exported to .csv files to be managed or printed in Excel.

Tabular reports allow searching, sorting and filtering

If a report is in tabular format (i.e. it is not grouped and summarized in any way, but is just a list of data), then you can control the data that is displayed in a number of ways:

  1. You can choose how many records you want displayed on a single page of the report
  2. You can search the report to filter the results.  (Example:  Type in a name and only records matching that name will be shown in the report.
  3. Click on the Filter Icon to type in a filter value for a specific column, and only records with the matching term in that column will be shown.
  4. Click on the "Sort" icon to sort results by that column. Click again to reverse the sort order.

Using a Column Filter.

Summarized Reports have information grouped, but cannot be sorted or searched.

Summary reports can show you statistical information (like how many occurrences you have of each volunteer opportunity), and are grouped by a speciric field.  (In the report below, we see occurrences grouped under each volunteer opportunity, and can see a sub-total of the number of occurrences for each opportunity.

Summarized reports can be exported to be filtered, but cannot be filtered or searched within the partner portal.