My Organization Contacts

The "My Organization Contacts" grid in the lower half of the "My Organization" page shows you all the staff contacts associated with your organization.  Use this section to keep your organization's staff up to date and see who does and doesn't have portal access.

In this grid you can:

  • See who on your staff does and doesn't have access to the sharing portal.
  • Add new staff contacts to your organization
  • Request sharing portal access for contacts in your organization who don't currently have access.
  • See who is designated as your organization's Primary Contact.

My Organization Contacts

1.  Action Column - You can view and (depending on the permissions your system administrator has enabled in your sharing portal) edit, the contact information for your staff contacts.  You can also Request Portal Access for a contact that currently does not have portal access.

2.  Portal Access - shows you who does and doesn't have access to log in and use your organizational portal.  "Partner Staff" indicates that they do have portal access.  "None" indicates that they do not.  You can click on the Request Portal Access action link, to send a request to your system's partner manager to grant access to your contact.

3. Primary Contact - a checkbox indicates which contact is designated as the primary contact.

4. Create Organization Contact button- allows you to add a new contact to your organization.  This will open a form to create a new contact record, After creating the contact, they will appear in your "My Organization Contact" list.  If you wish them to have portal access - you'll be able to click on the "Request Portal Access" link.

5. Search - for large organizations this makes it easy to find a specific contact by name or email address.  

When you click on "request portal access" an email will be sent to your host organizations partner approval manager notifying them you'd like portal access granted to this contact.  Please allow a day or two for the partner approval manager to act on your request.

Right now its not possible in the sharing portal to

  • change who is designated as the primary contact
  • request the removal of portal access from a contact.
  • to remove a contact from being associated as part of your staff.

For now: we recommend the following:

  1. Email your host organization if you wish to update any of the information or carry out the actions listed in the bullet points above.
  2. Optionally - for contacts who are no longer with your organization, you could edit their record and change their title to "Former - Program Manager" - to clarify that they are no longer in that role.